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What We do

We are basically a Litigation Firm. We practice law up to every level, under any area of law, before any Forum, Cell, Commission, Tribunal & Courts.

Our firm has distinct experience in Domestic Enquiry, Litigation, Trial and Investigation, Examinations & Cross-examinations of witnesses, pleadings, arbitrations, Alternate Dispute Resolutions and vast legal research. We practice law at every forum which suits the need and requirements of our clients. We practice law from the court of Metropolitan Magistrate or Munsif/Civil Judge to the Supreme Court of India. We do not hesitate to appear before any forum, commission, cell, Tribunal or Court. Getting relief for our client is supreme service, for us.

We primarily practice before Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, Debt Recovery Tribunals, Central Adminstrative Tribunals, Company Law Boards/NCLT, National & State Commissions and District & Session Courts of Delhi. Besides Delhi, we have associate offices at Mumbai, Ahmadabad & Bangalore wherein we used to frequently visit to appear in courts.

Our aim is to deliver comprehensive legal solutions to all legal requirements of our clients. We have a highly qualified and responsive team of lawyers comprising of young as well as senior legal professionals who have attained specific expertise in their specific area of laws. Our emphasis is on identifying the client’s needs down to the last detail, ensuring that our work is technically faultless and ultimately managing our cases to surpass our client’s expectations.

Our practice areas include (but not limited to) Civil Laws, Criminal Law, Anti Corruption Laws, Law related to economic offences-ED/CBI/EOW, Family & Divorce Laws, Adoption & Custody, Banking & Finance, Corporate & Commercial, Construction & Infrastructure, Dispute Resolution, Employment & Labour Law, Immigration, Intellectual Property Rights, Personal Injury, Regulatory & Compliance, Technology & Commercial Transaction, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, FDI & Approval from FIPB, RBI & SEBI regulations and Compliances etc.

We provide litigation services to our clients, under any area of law and before any court of law viz.

Supreme court of India, New Delhi
• High Court of Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad & Bengalore.
• District & Session Courts, at Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad & Bangalore.
• Consumer Forums, commissions [SCDRC/NCDRC]
• Debt recovery Tribunals, Delhi [DRT/DRAT]
• Company law Board, New Delhi.
• Central Administrative Tribunal, Delhi.
• Central Information Commission (CIC), New Delhi.
• Competition Commission of India, New Delhi.
• Arbitrators across the country.